The Mindful Wave, OPEN HEART DESIGN Annual EXHIBITION 2015 was awarded the “public’s choice” by the city, and Chief curator Yanling Duan received the honor of “design figure of the year,” and continued to build this strong creative community OHDA (open heart design alliance) united in the collaborative spirit of “bridging ancient wisdom and modern insights for planetary living”. OHDA Challenge gathers most innovative minds and solutions and work closely with governmental institutions, academic and commercial partners to rally our extensive platforma expertise  on social design & mindful creation projects ranging from impact events, urban regeneration to eco innovation and culture diplomacy. 

心中势艺术设计学会开创于2015年,集体社群创作心源设计大展暨城市更新创新挑战荣获北京年度公众之选奖,首席策展人段妍玲获得年度设计人物荣誉。 心中势设计联盟就此成立,并以强大的创意社区分布网络协作模式深入社区文化建设。OHDA核心组织团队聚集了最具创新力暨前站思想与方案设计者,始终与政府机构,学术与商业伙伴紧密合作,指导并提供国际视野下的循环经济网络,生态技术跨国协作,产业创新架构,城市更新大事件,社会化艺术与设计及空间赋能服务。